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What is the principle of the display cabinet?

by:Hshelf     2020-02-18
In the major shopping malls, there are all kinds of goods, and at the same time, the display and display of the goods can sell this product well, then you need to use the sample display cabinet. Of course, the placement principle of the sample showcase in the mall is very important for the display effect of the goods, and the sales effect of the goods is also closely related to the placement of the display cabinet. Because a good showcase is not only used for viewing, the main purpose is to attract a lot of people, so the placement of the showcase plays a big role. So how can the display cabinet be placed to become the focus of the mall, and what principles should it follow? Next, the small editor will introduce to you what is the principle of placing display cabinets? 1. The sample display cabinet should be harmonious and not mixed. A good design is to decompose the element group into one and assist exhibitors to reach the exhibition means. 2. The layout of the display cabinets in the shopping mall should be matched in size, high and low, and patchwork. Tall Mall showcases and low Mall showcases should also be arranged with each other. 3, do not put the cabinet, low cabinet and other low-rise shopping mall showcases next to the door, so as not to create a sense of imbalance. The display cabinets of shopping malls such as chest of drawers, cosmetics display cabinets and corner cabinets are used as display cabinets of transitional shopping malls to obtain vivid and rhythmic visual effects. 4. In the overall shape of the showcase in the mall, the main features and process processing of each showcase in the mall are required to be consistent. The detailed processing requirements of the showcases in various shopping malls are consistent. Work in the paint and materials must be consistent. The above is the principle of the display cabinet of the mall and some precautions introduced by Xiaobian. I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the display cabinet, and everyone must apply what they have learned. The showcase has a great function. If you make good use of it, you will get more profits. If you use it badly, the profit may not be obvious. Of course, the quality of the display cabinet is also very important. Everyone must buy high-quality products, and don't be greedy for small losses. If you want to buy sample display cabinets, it is your wise move to choose Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd.

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