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What kind of goods on display, to seize the customer's eye _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
As long as it is to open entity shop, should attach great importance to the display of products, good display can attract the attention of more consumers, long-term management is of great significance for the store. So what kind of goods on display more attractive to consumers? Guangzhou Hshelf shelves small make up collect some convenience store display mode, read on! 1, according to the trade circle store structure, consumption structure, reasonable layout planning department stores; At the same time, according to the business circle, store display space effectively the rational allocation of goods category, quantity, and planning merchandising position! Basic skills: (2, goods display 1) Make full use of limited display position, ensure the neatness of stores full display, display avoid vacancy, sparse. ( 2) According to commodity packaging specification, shape, size, reasonably adjust the distance between the shelves layer board, make full use of shelf space, avoid shelf distance between layer and layer is too big or too narrow, lest affect visual result. ( 3) Goods should be classified by attribute to a single set of shelves for the unit vertical display, display should be according to the goods during the process of brand, specifications, size, height of order level display. Relevant article recommended cosmetics display shelves of goods and goods the cashier area layout principles of the merchandising display seven points convenience store shelves
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