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What kinds of supermarket shelves are displayed

by:Hshelf     2020-05-19
Said to the supermarket shelves, we won't be very strange, this is because both in daily life will see large supermarket or a small supermarket shelves, the shelves are displayed with the goods, not only have very good display effect, also have the effect of a good store, supermarket shelves typically has a good user experience, so its high does not generally is too high, the height of the general design is parallel with the body height, the kinds of supermarket shelves is single, but the layout is changeful, wuhan supermarket shelves of the below small make up is simple for you explain the layout of the supermarket shelves of several common: 1. Supermarket shelves lattice type layout this is one of the traditional store layout form. Supermarket stores usually assumes the grid, the layout grid layout is commodities on display shelves and customer channel growth shape section is arranged, and each is consistent with vice channel width in the main, all shelves are arranged in parallel or orthogonal to each other. This layout in foreign or domestic supermarket as you can see, when shoppers pushing a shopping cart down the aisle to turn a corner can reach the other parallel aisle, the straight footpath and turn 90 degrees, can make customers in the same direction and a series of orderly mobile bottom go to, just as city vehicles in accordance with the tack. Supermarket shelves lattice type layout advantage is: 1, creating an atmosphere of serious and efficient; 2, footpath according to traffic needs and design, can make full use of the space; 3, due to the standardization of the goods shelf placement, customers can easily tell if a product category and distribution characteristics of easy to choose; 4, easy to use standardized shelves, can save cost; 5, is advantageous to the shop assistant and customer cooperation, simplifying commodity management and security work. Supermarket shelves grid faults of the layout is: 1, store atmosphere is cold and flat; 2, when crowded, easy to make customers have been urging the bad feeling; 3, indoor decorative aspects of creativity co. , LTD. 4, the scale of grid layout can according to the store, selling features, customer habits and take various specific forms. 2. Supermarket shelves islands island type layout is the layout in the middle of the business premises islands form, decorate each does not set in the middle of the island shelf display of goods. This form is commonly used in department stores or store, the main display fewer goods volume, sometimes as a supplement of the layout grid. Now the domestic department stores in the continuous reform management technique, many stores to introduce all kinds of brand stores, form & other; The inn in inn & throughout; Form, so the island type layout is transformed into a speciality store layout form is widely used, this layout is to meet the requirements of modern customers. Professional store layout can according to customer & other; One-time buy favorite brand goods & throughout; Mental set. For example, in the customer to buy a particular brand of leather, suit and tie, the need to walk a few counter before, now the professional shop layout, can buy in a department. Supermarket shelves island: the advantages of the layout can make full use of the business area, in the case of consumers unimpeded, the use of building characteristic layout more goods shelves; Take different islands in the shape of design, can decorate and beautify the place of business; Environmental abound change, increase consumer shopping interest; Meet the full range of consumers for a brand goods demand, has strong attraction to the brand suppliers. Supermarket shelves islands the disadvantages of the layout is: as the business place with auxiliary establishments isolation, is not convenient to temporary added goods in the operating time; Inventory area is finite, cannot store more prepared to sell goods; The scene of choose and employ persons is more, not easy to counter unit s cooperation; Can't get good use on both ends of the island, also affect the business area of the effective use of. Professional shop layout is about to depend on each other, to bring customers to buy convenient, in one place can meet the demand of customers to buy. 3. Supermarket shelves the free flow of the free flow of the layout is the layout for consumers as a starting point, it is trying to put the goods maximum limit display in front of the customer. Sometimes, the layout form using grid, and in the form of islands, is a kind of irregular line distribution customer channels. Supermarket shelves free flow: the advantages of the layout position layout is flexible, the customer can freely through the shelves or counter; Sell more atmosphere, can make customer's impulsive purchase; To facilitate customers free browsing, won't produce urgency, increase customer retention time and shopping opportunities. Supermarket shelves free flow type layout disadvantages: the customer is difficult to find export, unavoidably psychosomatic complaints; Customers in a crowded counter, unfavorable to disperse traffic; Cannot make full use of the stores, waste site area; This layout is convenient for the customer, but the management of the store requirements are very high, especially to pay attention to the problem of product safety
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