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What's the difference between a fruit shelves compared to other shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-29
In display of goods in the supermarket are shelves, shelves a variety of specifications, we can found that when the choose and buy goods products for the display shelves is roughly same, but the fruit shelves design is different with conventional supermarket shelves, fruit shelves generally lighter, area is larger, also conveniently split fruit on the shelves and avoid accumulation. So fruit shelves in the design of multi-layer shelves design, not only convenient to store fruits, more convenient features of fruit, and fruit preservation is very important, when the weather is hot there will be fruit cold storage is put in a supermarket, not only have the effect of display, also have the effect of preservation, so the design of the said wuhan fruit shelves according to the characteristics of fruit to design, such ability in the ease of use at the same time, achieve better store display effect.
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