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What should be paid attention to in the selection and placement of supermarket convenience store shelves?

by:Hshelf     2019-12-21
Now we can see that supermarkets and convenience stores have many shelves everywhere. have become an essential part of our life, but choosing good shelves is not a very simple matter, there are many matters needing attention, and there are also many problems that need attention in the placement of Hshelf Shop Shelving. The placement of shelves can directly affect the quality of business, let's let Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. tell us what we need to pay attention to in the selection and placement of supermarket convenience store shelves! First, the choice of shelves 1, the stability of shelves. You certainly don't want supermarket convenience stores to cause harm to customers due to the instability of shelves when they are open, so the stability of Hshelf Shop Shelving is one of the key problems in the structure and design of shelves in supermarket convenience stores, because there are many uncertain factors in the design, construction and use of the shelf structure system, detailed analysis is still needed. 2. The Hshelf Shop Shelving should conform to the characteristics of the store. Before buying shelves, be sure to plan first, or let the professional technicians of the shelf factory 'tailor-made', so that the utilization rate of your supermarket or convenience store can be greatly increased, it can also minimize the possibility of future problems. Second, the placement of shelves 1, the size between the shelves. The shelves and shelves of supermarket convenience stores should not be too crowded, so that there is a problem with the entry and exit of customers, and it is easy to squeeze the items on the shelves when there are more customers, it will have a bad impact on the customer's purchase experience, so the size of the shelves must be grasped. 2. The installation height cannot be too high. The installation height is too high. When customers purchase goods, they may not be able to reach out and even touch other goods easily, so that they are scattered. Therefore, the height of the shelf should be set according to the height of the human body. That's the problem that needs attention in the selection and placement of supermarket convenience store shelves. In addition to the above, the black parts of the supermarket or convenience store should be subjected to multiple processes such as degreasing, derusting, and pretreatment, moreover, the color of the shelf should be matched with the overall style of the store and the goods sold, which will make people feel comfortable. If you want to know more about this, you can pay attention to: Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd.

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