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Where can I order a convenience store shelves? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Would like to open a convenience store, little not to face the problem of convenience store shelves procurement. Ordinary convenience stores are usually directly find company wholesale shelves, but brand stores or more high-grade convenience stores, will choose custom of convenience store shelves. Guangzhou shelves today suppliers' Hshelf shelf 】 Shelves custom-made related content, just to tell you about a look together. 1, why do you want to custom-made shelves? Want to buy shelves, generally speaking, there are wholesale and custom make two options. Custom-made shelves in the design, material and color characteristics, is according to their own needs to build exclusive shelves, to better match the convenience store image, make a convenience store the overall design is different, and are more brand features, can give customers a deeper impression. 2, how much does it cost to order convenience store shelves? Although customized shelves is very good, but many people are choosing wholesale. Why is that? Basic reason lies in the price. General wholesale section shelves is about 380 ~ 880 yuan/set, but the shelves of customized paragraph may be several times the price of the wholesale section shelves, not general convenience store operators can afford to. 3, where I can order convenience store shelves? Material decided to shelf class, style and color decided to shelf level in appearance, and on the shelves of the company decided to naturally the quality of the shelves. Want to custom make good convenience store shelves, also have to find a life long good companies, such as guangzhou Hshelf shelves. Hshelf shelves is a focus on the production of 16 years old guangzhou shelves factory, not only in guangzhou, shenzhen, foshan, dongguan, equipped with professional shelf production base, with 7 - more 11 convenience store, store a convenience store and China resources purchase and maintain cooperative relations, such as good quality obviously, believe that will be your custom shelves of choice. Now customers pay more attention to shopping environment, so on the shelves of choose and buy it, operators have to spend bit of idea. Above is the guangzhou shelf company 【 Hshelf shelf 】 Everyone to clean the shelves of customized related content, to learn more shelves knowledge, or the need to have a convenience store shelves customized, wholesale, please pay attention to Hshelf shelves. Relevant article recommended convenience store shelf displays the merchandising skills convenience store shelves principle of rational distribution of convenience store shelves
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