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Whether to go to the drugstore, is worth thinking about

by:Hshelf     2020-05-30
Pharmacy low barriers to entry, making the second - and third-tier cities are now began to flood, although they are not necessarily in the form of a uniform, the size of the chain, but chase with the improvement of consumer spending levels, generally small mom-and-pop stores, store, supermarket, are also in the light of drugstore brands with a pharmacy, open-shelf drugstore shelves, classified and associated goods display, customers, all give a person deep impression, the business is thriving, bonanza joining more and more, so the expansion of the pharmacy and pharmacy profit is often referred to the topic. A lot of people say a pharmacy in 10% profit 25%, while drugstore giant 711 in its 2012 join the conference in Beijing in May give 32% figure, is to let people crazy. Please note that these figures will need to add in front of two words: gross margin. Then remove artificial hydropower rent, I can rest? It involves learning is big. Includes drugstore location, type of goods, loss, sales of guest unit price, traffic, business practices. Good, pharmacy is suitable for the middle-aged, bears hardships and stands hard work, resilient, patient, careful, middle-aged people tend to be a mainstay of the family, however, money is in pharmacy can supporting a family required spending? After attending the Beijing 711 joining instructions after the meeting, have the investors said: if you currently work in a month QiBaQian above, can need not consider to join. Perhaps everyone aware of pharmacy is a kind of trend, entry threshold is low, so the pharmacy have sprung up to present, but profits are so tempting as the legendary drugstore? Later entrants, especially beginners, think again.
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