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Which points should be paid attention to when choosing Suzhou storage shelves?

by:Hshelf     2019-12-16

nowadays, warehouse shelves have become essential equipment for many industries. And with the continuous development and progress of production shelf technology, the types are also increasing, especially in Suzhou, a developed city. Common shelves include Suzhou attic shelves, gravity shelves, light shelves, etc. So, how to choose the right Suzhou storage shelf among so many shelves? Today, Xiaobian will come to give you a support.

1. Plant structure:

First of all, when selecting Suzhou storage shelves, attention should be paid to the plant structure, such as the available height of the plant, the location of the beams and columns, and the fire protection facilities. Because these are related to the shape and size of the shelf, such as: the effective height of the factory affects the height of the shelf; The position of the beam and column will also affect the configuration of the shelf.

II. Storage of items:

The shape, size and weight of stored items will also directly affect the selection of shelf specifications. For example, the weight of the stored items affects the strength of the selected shelves; The size of storage will also be related to the choice of storage shelf structure in Suzhou. In addition, the availability and storage density of goods are also closely related to the selection of shelf types. Although some types of shelves are available and satisfied, compared with the situation where the storage management is more complicated, it is often impossible to achieve good control. Therefore, it is also very important to choose which type of Suzhou storage shelf to use.

4. Handling equipment:

of course, the access of goods cannot be separated from handling equipment, so the handling equipment should also be considered when selecting shelves. For example: stacking, high-speed machine commonly used handling equipment, common counterweight type, narrow channel type, using different types of stacking machines requires different widths of shelves. Therefore, this should also be considered.

V. Inbound and outbound quantity:

The first-in-first-out sequence, access frequency and quantity when handling goods are also issues to be considered when selecting shelves. Because although some types of shelves have good storage density, the amount of storage and storage is not high, which is suitable for low-frequency operations. The high quantity of goods in and out of the warehouse is also an important item to be considered when selecting the shelf form.

which points should be paid attention to when selecting Suzhou storage shelves? Through the above explanation, I believe everyone has learned some points to pay attention to when choosing Hshelf Shop Shelving, and I hope everyone can use them in practice. In addition, if you want to choose a shelf with good quality and reasonable price, you can call Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd

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