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Wine shelf introduce _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-16
Red wine shelf half is to use a horoscope, lozenge or inverted trapezoidal, the benefits of such a shape is the long hole and vertical direction to post a small Angle, hook hang after the goods under the action of gravity automatic lock! And linked with the pillar between long hole is surface contact, the better stress state, to ensure the safety when using more solid. Wine shelf displays to conform to the 'small big, light under heavy' on this principle. In goods shelves, the shelves of the upper as far as possible put lighter weight, smaller volume of goods and shelves should be put under the weight of heavy, bulky goods, the aim is to maintain the balance of the shelves, the shelves are not prone to tilt, flopping, this kind of layout at the same time also accords with people's visual habit and aesthetic standards. Relevant article recommended collocation: elegant wine with high grade wine shop owner, do cigarettes, alcohol and display, the business can be good just strange! How red wine shelf display to boost sales?
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