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3 Tips of Maximizing Your Gondola Display Shelving

by:Hshelf     2019-12-08

When it comes to different types of retail display shelving, the most common is the gondola display shelving. You may find it in most stores and all retail formats. That's because it is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of products. And many gondola shelving manufacturers are making efforts to optimize the space utilization of the shelving. 

 Considering that retail display shelves can have a huge impact on your success, why don't you want to maximize your retail display shelving? It's also important to point out that if you don't try to make the most of your storefront resources, you're actually wasting your space. 1. Consider Using Clip Strips To Maximize Your Gondola Display Shelving The clip strip is best described as a sheet of metal or plastic, and the hooks are regularly spaced, which is an excellent way to maximize the utilization of gondola display shelving in stores. Benefits of Using Clip Strips Give more space to hot selling products. By selling products on the clip strip, you can allocate more space to the highest performing SKU. Reduce the cost of fixtures. When the number of products in the category is small, building a custom shelf can lead to unnecessary extra costs. This is especially cost-saving if the product can be placed on a conventional shelf or clip bar. Increase exposure and promote more sales. You can use the clip strip to increase the visibility of certain products on the gondola display shelving, leading to more sales and profits. How to Customize your Gondola Shelving with Clip Strips After considering the benefits of the clips, it is necessary to understand how to use the clips to customize the shelving from gondola shelving manufacturers. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can use various types of clip strips. 

There are several variations of clip strips for choosing: Merchandise display strips: You can use them to hang the merchandise normally placed on a hook. Custom display strips: If you have weird or bulky products, you should consider custom clip strips. Sticky display strips: These strips are best for lightweight products, giving you the option to hang your product in a packaging that was not originally intended to hang. Printing display strips: Although your clip strips can hang products, you can also use them as a branding opportunity to increase the exposure of your entire brand rather than a single product. 2. Consider Using Grills to Maximize Your Gondola Display Shelving For retailers who want to maximize their shelves and give their store a neat look, it's important to consider using grills on the gondola display shelving. Grills are particularly suitable for smaller products, products that can be sold to each other, or products with the same suggested selling price. Most gondola shelving manufacturers are able to produce grills used on the gondola shelving. Benefits of Using Grills Improve the shopper experience. Your products will look tidy and organized on the gondola shelf, giving your customers better shopping experiences. This also reduces the chance of the product falling off the shelf, which can embarrass the customer. Display product information. You are able to place product information on any grill you use, giving any shopper more information so they can make better shopping decisions. 

 Add facings and optimize space. When using a grill on a rack, you can increase the number of Y facings. That's because the product rests on the grill. You have more shelf space, so that you can allocate more space for hot selling products to hang on the gondola display shelving. How to Customize your Gondola Shelving with Grills You can use the grill front plates and frames. These grills fit only on the front of the shelf. The grill frame can be mounted on the front of the shelf or on both sides. You can add perspex grills. If designed and placed correctly, these grills can enhance the image of the store as they are more visually appealing. Metal and wire grills can also be used. Although not as visually appealing as perspex grills, they still work and serve their purpose. All installation instructions for these grills will be provided by gondola shelving manufacturers. 3.Consider Using Pegboards to Maximize Your Gondola Display Shelving The pegboards used on the gondola display shelving are retail fixtures that utilize equidistant holes to allow you to place nails, hooks or baskets at different distances. What are products best suited for pegboards? They are usually those that cannot stand upright. Some examples include swimming pool accessories, hardware tools, and stationary. Benefits of Using Pegboards They decrease unnecessary shelf capacity. Due to the limited depth of the pegboards, it is difficult to overstock on the gondola shelving. This means that there is less chance of the display shelving looking messy due to the large capacity. They are visually beautiful. Pegboards provide useful partitions on the gondola display shelving and help attract customers' attention. In addition, customers can more easily find and access the right product. They help make better use of the shelf space. The pegboard is not as hard as the regular gondola shelving. Since you have more room to maneuver in merchandise sales, you can optimize more space and allocate more facings to your top sellers. They promote cross-merchandising. You can use pegboards to cross-sell products to increase sales growth of multiple (rather than single) categories. 

 How to Customize Your Gondola Shelving With Pegboards Gondola shelving manufacturers offer many pegboard options. You can change the hooks on a pegboard according to the products you want to display. Pegboards can place more than just products. Given the versatility of a pegboard, you can add a variety of items without having to stick with the product. For instance, you can place a holder that contains marketing brochures or branding information. Coupons, testers, or samples combined with the items displayed in the gondola display shelving can work as well.

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