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A hope, called 'chateau look better'! _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
We like you, believe that every bottle of wine is the most romantic gesture, believe that every drop of Jane made full of value, believe that every elaborate display is chateau drainage indispensable elements. Because of this, we can understand your detailed requirements, the better for you to provide more appropriate design. To this, let us through a set of chateau image design renderings, with Hshelf shelves together into a new world for red wine, with feeling to belong to the elegant taste of wine. The winery is long and narrow type, pattern in the center of the whole shop area, we specially choose different types of sales promotion to increase variability, weaken the long and narrow sense on the vision. Area are against the wall on both sides choose the single side double column frames, but use different types of exhibition stand, let a space more fluid, alleviate the fatigue of the customer. In addition, add the cashier area small stage, strengthen the function of the cashier area service already, and virtually deepened stores the emotional connection with customers. Drink alcohol dew, open an exclusive with LePin design in the chateau's appearance level counter attack.
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