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by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
Retail is a piece of blue ocean, but also become the last two years, which has attracted great concern of the industry 'discourse', whether it is capital to the attention of the industry, media attention, or social awareness of retailing, has reached unprecedented, their highest level in history. Store shops have sprung up all over the country in recent years began to rise, its hot. But the problems are followed: 1. 'Stores after decorating, I thought to do a sign put a few set of shelves, the loading will be beautiful, the result. 。 。 And vegetable markets next to the stores do not have what difference. ”( Stores for shelf and common characteristics. ) 2. Don't open in the morning, at noon is not opened, is not open at night. ”( Shop style attract enough, less traffic. ) 3, are like the stars of a guy finally came. 'This thing so expensive? '' oh. ”( Not professional, do not understand the product's selling point, product conversion rate is low. ) 4, 'hello, could you tell me what to buy' 'I'm having a look', 'oh, good. ( Don't understand the display, unable to hold customer psychology, don't know how to guide the customer consumption. ) 4, 'inside, why customer always reluctant to go, shelves of goods why always neglected corner position? ”. 。 。 。 。 ( Don't understand the store flow dynamic planning and design, there are blind spots. ) 5, 'kiss, the shelf layer board for how to adjust. '' how soon just bought the light box don't light up again? ”…… ( Can't solve the problem of product after-sales. ) For shops, all of these are a matter of survival fatal. So master a set of system, the right stores decorate shelves and design scheme selection method is imperative. Methods by the way, will be high revenue. Regional layout and display effect can make shelf with the whole decorates a style fuses in together, can present the perfect effect. But to put the two together is naturally difficult, introduce a master other good friends here, called' Hshelf shelf 】 。
At the same time, as the recent research of Hshelf shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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