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About big business set up shop operators prophase preparation

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05

with the development of economy, the speeding up of urbanization, large business super everywhere in our life, such as wal-mart, new matvey, yong hui supermarket, etc. , can see them in many economic developed regions, so as a large business super operator we all need to do the preparation work in open a shop early?

guiyang jia heng yu chang trade co. , LTD. , small make up is the business administration graduate, after the graduation have been engaged in business super shelves, have studied goods at school to learn knowledge and other professional disciplines, is engaged in business for such a long time, understanding of business super more clearly, here I bring you some advice, the hope can help wanted to start a large business super yet know where to lay their hands on the operator.

if you'd like to open a large business super, and good business than others, then in the open a shop that you want to do a lot of preparation work, I slowly for you to come here:

1, capital

as we all know, would like to open a large business over to spend a lot of fees, such as valiant venue rental, decorate cost, planning cost and shelf, the choice of supplier upfront costs and wages and other costs, is a not small cost, so in the early to prepare sufficient funds set up shop, in order to protect capital chain rupture.

2, the location of the site

according to the principle of commodity learn, need a market research on site selection, according to the field to cover the area to analyze competitors, and consumer groups and purchasing power analysis, and according to the actual situation of super position.

3, looking for planning

open a large business super than open a small convenience store or a small supermarket, not according to what we mean or imagined to decide, because the supermarket planning according to the consumer behavior and consumer psychology of dealers have a clear understanding of, can be very good for business super reasonable layout, planning for decorating to customized corporate culture, and make full use of the hands of the supplier resources, but also has a drawback, when selecting a planning should pay attention to, because the plan is the key.

4, and storefront renovation

usually decorate is the beginning of a shop good business, good user experience degrees, decorate a style to enhance consumer as life stress and working pressure increases, business has become a lot of place for relaxing, how to let the consumer shopping in a relatively pleasant environment is very critical, secondary consumption of key customers as well.

5, selection of shelf

if a storefront renovation, we will start the choose and buy our shelf products, according to the size of the business than choosing appropriate flowers and plants on the size of the shelf products, shelf color can be according to decorate a style to select the reasonable collocation, is there a supermarket shelf products often used double-sided shelves, supermarket shelves, wooden products, cosmetics shelves, shouyin tai, shopping cart, promotion, price, etc. , on sale, so it's very important to the choice of the shelves.

6, the layout of the shelf

according to business super small to the whole shang super layout design, such as general moral reserved, product area division, such as size, according to consumer habits and shopping relevance to reasonable layout design.

7, the choice of supplier

according to business super positioning to choose goods, the supplier to negotiate the supply and the terms of payment confirmation

8, recruitment salesman

as a large business super operator, according to the actual needs of the mall for management personnel, such as management, guide the reasonable layout, such as personnel recruitment for the enterprise high quality personnel, because service quality directly affect consumer judgment and secondary purchase.

9, opened to

all the preparatory work done, is preparing to open, for their own business than opening, note ( It is very important to open early campaign) 。

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