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Advantages of the three layouts of supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2019-12-20

due to various factors and conditions, the layout of each supermarket shelf is different. However, their ultimate goal is the same, that is, to provide more convenience for consumers. So, what do you know about the layout of supermarket shelves? Today, we will take Suzhou supermarket Hshelf Shop Shelving as an example to understand the respective advantages of the three layouts of Hshelf Shop Shelving.

1. The grid layout of Suzhou supermarket shelves

The grid layout may be the most traditional store layout in supermarkets. The grid layout is arranged in a rectangular shape between the merchandise display shelf and the customer Channel. This kind of layout can make customers easily identify the categories of commodities and their distribution characteristics, so as to facilitate consumers to purchase. Secondly, it is also conducive to saving costs and simplifying commodity management and security work to a certain extent.

2. The island layout of Suzhou supermarket shelves

The Island layout is arranged in the middle of the business premises in the form of islands that are not connected. His advantage is mainly reflected in the effective use of business area, in the case of consumers, the use of the characteristics of the building to arrange more goods for consumers to choose. The most important point is that it can meet the all-round demand of consumers for a certain brand of goods.

The above are some simple introductions about the types and related advantages of Suzhou supermarket shelves. In fact, whether it is a lattice or an island layout, they all have their own advantages. Therefore, we need to adjust the placement and layout of supermarket Hshelf Shop Shelving according to the specific business content so as to achieve the best display effect.

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