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All kinds of supermarket shelves, wholesale

by:Hshelf     2020-06-04
Supermarket shelves type with the development of modern science and technology is more and more complete, more and more powerful, in the logistics system, logistics facilities and equipment investment is large, as the increasing of the technical level of the logistics equipment and technical content, modern logistics technology and equipment is both technology-intensive production tools, is also the capital intensive social wealth, can be divided into a convenience store shelves, including food, cosmetics shelves, high-quality goods shelves, etc. , there is a price for supermarket shelves, widely used in commercial activities, including the supermarket shelves, store shelves, shop shelves medical supplies, clothing shelves, shelves, etc. Improve all kinds of shelves of wholesale, customers can be found here you need shelf products, supermarket shelves size not only has a variety of types, sizes and diversity, bearing the weight can meet all kinds of goods storage, heavy duty racking storage of goods can choose heavy shelves, carrying on more than 500 kg, small goods can choose light supermarket shelves, bearing on 150 kg - 400 kg, if the goods is irregular can choose supermarket shelves or drawer racking, shelves can fully use of factory warehouse space, improve working efficiency. Business super shelves types varied, also can choose any color, can put show a wide variety of goods, such as food, jewelry, clothing, etc. , according to the different set of goods bearing weight, beautiful appearance, can use for a long time, the stability is strong, easy to manage. Shelves would be at your service all the way, the door to measure the size for you, and study with you to choose the appropriate shelf types, in addition, we will provide after-sales service, for you to install, design layout put together, achieve customer satisfaction.
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