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Analysis of shopping trolley’s caster

Analysis of shopping trolley’s caster

Classification by size:

4 and 5 inches

4-inch casters

be used for 60L, 80L and 100L


5-inch casters

be used for 125L, 150L, 180L and 210L


Classification by material:

 PVC wheel, PU wheel, TPR wheel and Nylon wheel



  1. PVC wheel is an ordinary plastic wheel, which is suitable for 60L and 80L trolleys. Generally, the PVC wheel is only 4 inches in size, and its bearing capacity and wear resistance are not so good.

  2. PU wheel is wear-resistant, and has good loading capacity, with good silent effect. For the supermarkets near the community and some boutique owners, PU wheel is a good choice.

  3. TPR wheel is the substitute of rubber wheel, which is quiet and has strong load-bearing capacity. It is the most used caster on market at present.

  4. Nylon wheel has high hardness and high mechanical strength. The thrust required by nylon wheel shopping cart is slightly smaller, but the sound is very loud.


How to choose a caster?

Different Material: 

You should decide it according to the road it will run on, and the loading capacity it require. For example: PVC wheels can’t resist the acid and grease environment. While the PU and Nylon casters can be used in many different places.

Different rigidity: 

Nylon, PU wheels are suitable for many roads both outside and inside conditions. While the soft TPR caster is more suitable for the supermarket, hotel, hospital, where require quiet and smooth running.

Caster size: 

Usually the bigger the caster is, the smaller the thrust needs. The needle-bearings are suitable for heavy-duty uses and unsuitable for silent areas. While the ball bearing casters are the opposite to the needle bearings.

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