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The story of shopping trolley

The story of shopping trolley


 Silvan Goldman
The world's first shopping cart was conceived by Silvan Goldman in 1937. At that time, supermarkets only provided shopping baskets, which limited the amount of shopping to a certain extent. When the commodities were too heavy, customers would automatically reduce the amount of goods to buy. Goldman realized that if there was a way to help customers load more goods, supermarkets could provide better services and sell more goods. 

Difficult Position

However, when the shopping cart was born, no one wanted to use this invention. No one used the shopping cart Goldman invented, and housewives complained that the shopping cart was too much like a baby stroller, and they didn't want to repeat the scene of "taking care of children every day" in the supermarket. Male customers are even more dismissive, because the shopping cart makes men look weak.



Goldman did not give up, he firmly believes that shopping cart can change people's lives! So, he tried many ways to promote the shopping cart, but none of them worked until he hired professional actors and actresses to reshape the shopper's cognition. He let the users of the shopping cart go on a show in the mall, making people feel that holding the shopping cart is a fashionable behavior. This method of "creating demand" made the shopping cart popular gradually and eventually made it become what it is today. 

(This shopping cart is the result of Goldman's deep insight into human nature. A small shopping cart involves design, marketing and even psychology.)

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