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Any engineers can help install gondola fixtures displays ?
You can ask for the help of our professional engineers to install gondola fixture . Each of our engineer is professional in installing the product who can solve your worries during the installation. We have relative videos of engineers installing prepared to let you have a clearer understanding about this process.

Hshelf Retail Solutions Co., Ltd. is thousands of people's choice when they are in need of high quality custom shop fittings. The heavy duty shelving series is widely praised by customers. Monitored production process: the production process of Hshelf shop gondola is strictly and constantly monitored. A 24 hours shift system is carried out to ensure high-efficiency production. It is light-weight, which is easy to move and install. The product is easy to clean. Its materials feature high density and airtightness, which not allows dirt or dust to enter into its pores. The product is able to keep the items neat, tidy and organized.

All employees of Hshelf Shop Shelving adhere to a proactive attitude and are always ready to provide satisfactory and honest service to all customers. Call now!
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