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Application and classification of hand sanitizer dispenser stand

by:Hshelf     2020-05-02
In China, the AC induction hand sanitizer dispenser stand is generally powered by 220V / 50hz power supply. The pressure generated by the electromagnetic pump is uniform, and the spraying or atomization effect is stable. However, the installation location requires a power supply. DC power supply is generally used, and there are also individual transformers. Power supply, because of the lack of power supply capacity, generally the atomization effect of this type of sterilizer is very poor, the role is similar to that of the soap dispenser. Hand sanitizer dispenser stand Product advantages: Inductive design, prevent cross infection, 304 stainless steel material, durable. Complete atomization, reduce costs, perfect induction skills, prevent false start, replaceable nozzle design, quickly solve the problem of nozzle clogging. Full liquid and liquid shortage warning to extend product life. Hand sanitizer dispenser stand is widely used in pharmaceutical companies, food processing plants (companies), medical and health, banks, hotels, restaurants and kindergartens and other units for hand disinfection to ensure hygiene. 1.Classification according to the power supply method of the product: divided into AC electric hand disinfection machine and DC electric hand disinfection machine. Food factories, pharmaceutical factories, high-cleanliness electronics factories, schools, stadiums, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, supermarkets, golf courses, offices, movie theaters, hospital care stations, fast food restaurants (especially such as KFC and McDonald's, etc. Food fast food restaurant), library, nursing station, 2. According to the status of the sprayed liquid: it is divided into atomized hand disinfection machines. Spray hand disinfection machines generally use high-pressure electromagnetic pumps. The sprayed disinfection liquid is even and can fully contact the skin or rubber gloves , A small amount of disinfectant can be used to achieve disinfection without rubbing. This product is becoming the mainstream product in the market. Spray hand disinfection machine is on the one hand, the pressure of the electromagnetic pump is lacking, on the other hand, because the design of the nozzle is not enough . Tips for hand sanitizer dispenser stand: Liquid spraying method: spray one after another, extend into the sensing area and exit, and stop when leaving the sensing area Full liquid reminder: beep Liquid shortage reminder: indicator light flashes rapidly
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