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As pharmacy shelves, Hshelf shelves what extraordinary _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
The same pharmacy, because of the different decoration and display, bring different purchasing medicine experience for the customer. So for the pharmacy, luxuriant decoration may not be necessary, but professional display is must. A professional beautiful drugstore shelves, brings to the drug store is more than just visual upgrades, more to gain the trust of the customers and good reputation, a visitor your pharmacy is like a cloud. Need different functions: to deal with partition, professional display of pharmacy drug display need more targeted, so that is to show commodity information, and to ensure the safety of special drug professional pharmacy shelves arises at the historic moment. Partition according to the pharmacy and medicine classification, can be divided into the following kinds: ▼ cashier area ( Pharmacy checkout + sales promotion) ▼ OTC display area ( Over-the-counter double-sided frame) ( Over-the-counter single frame) ▼ prescription area ( Before prescribing tank + prescription back ark) ▼ area (Chinese traditional medicine Dao medicine + medicine cabinet + ginseng antler ark) ▼ medical devices area ( Small medical health products tank + large medical equipment cabinets) ▼ experience diagnosis area ( Diagnosis and seat + sales promotion) Different materials: solid materials, the appearance of the shelf to imitate the basis of quality assurance, but the production material and process are different. Random Hshelf shelves of the factory, strictly the quality pass, in order to use the real raw material to produce the most quality assurance of the pharmacy shelves. ( Perfect cold rolled steel, easy to maintain long life) ( The combination of high quality steel and environmental protection board, is like new) Design different: beautiful and professional, innovation never stop the development of pharmacy is a pharmacy shelves can't stop. According to display the design of the need to constantly improve pharmacy shelves, or through a combination of custom way to tailor the most suitable for your drugstore shelves, is Hshelf shelves of innovation power. What relevant article recommended good pharmacy shelves, how should choose? What kind of pharmacy shelves are there? The pharmacy shelves will meet what problem?
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