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Attic shelves of process and structure

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15
Attic shelves technology and the structure of the attic shelf technology and the structure of attic shelf system, usually use medium aside plate shelves or heavy put plate as the main support and floor panel ( According to the total load of shelf unit weight resolution to choose what kind of shelf) , usually choose cold-rolled steel floor, floor panel markings steel floor or steel grille floor. By cold rolled steel floor in recent years, it has the bearing capacity of strong, integral sex is good, bearing flat uniformity, high accuracy, good appearance, easy to determine the advantages. There are many types optional, and easy to match the lighting system, access and management more convenient. Unit shelf load component is usually within 500 kg each floor, floor often the distance of 2. 2 m ~ 2。 7 m, the top shelf height is usually at the mercy of 2 m, give full consideration to staff the convenience of operation. Floor of design on the basis of a variety of devices, can be easily assembly at the scene, without welding. Attic shelves system in the category of car parts, car 4 s shops, light industry, electron, etc. , career have more use. The attic loft points medium attic shelf and heavy shelves. Medium-sized attic shelf: infrastructure to choose medium shelves pillar. Shelves floor attic shelves dedicated floor, floor selects the interlocking structure type. Set up a support beam under the floor. Common standards of medium-sized attic shelves pillar is: 55 * 55 * 1. 5 mm special shelves pillar profiles. Selects the high quality steel strip by kaiping, active mill, punch punch, then according to the customer designated height block. Column bracket, connecting beam use high-quality cold plate bending and punching.
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