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Attic shelves what are the specific features?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15
Attic shelves what are the specific features? Attic shelves what are the specific features? 1, the attic shelf can improve the shelf height, can make full use of storage level, better use of storage space, large storage, use rise more convenient. 2, attic shelf compared with speckle plate or just grating layer load ability is strong, all good, uniform, smooth, easy to determine the characteristic such as appearance. 3, attic shelf give full consideration to human nature logistics, planning, construction and easy. Sensitive device, convenient apart, can be based on the field planning. 4 items, attic shelf storage right a variety of types. 5, loft-style shelves was equivalent to a large warehouse, warehouse all structure is assembled type, it need not spot welding, all the beautiful, generous. Have the support effect of floors above ground floor shelf itself, with the merits of low cost, high space use rate. 6, loft-style shelves used to fire prevention, ventilation and lighting, and so on different use requirements. Goods fluctuation floor can choose methods such as forklifts, hydraulic lifting platform, transfer; Transport goods namely commonly used small cart is gone. 7, loft-style shelves bearing can be several times greater than normal shelf, as long as can carry on 300 kg to 1000 kg/square meters. 8, loft-style shelves are widely used in high warehouse, small goods, manual access, large storage capacity, can make full use of space, save the warehouse. According to the practice site and specific requirements, can plan into single layer or multi-layer attic, generally for 2 - 3 layers. Particularly suitable for auto parts, electronics companies such as series of products the classification of reserves.
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