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Cantilever heavy shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-30
Cantilever heavy shelves introducing cantilever heavy shelves introducing cantilever shelf factory heavy shelves characteristics: long cantilever racking is mainly to store some objects, such as steel, iron plate, a long objects, processing with cantilever heavy shelves, below introduce you to the heavy cantilever racking structure, heavy cantilever shelf generally by two columns and three columns for a group of cantilever racking, 6 meters long steel tube usually will set pieces for a group of four, too much thing put easy deformation, long cantilever heavy shelves, single bearing a ton, 2 tons, 3 tons, general 2 meters high, the cantilever can adjust up and down, all can be customized according to the actual products, heavy shelves manufacturers design scheme for the general customers free of charge
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