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Chain supermarkets and department stores logistics distribution center adopt what kind of warehouse shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16
In recent years, also came to the supermarket chains to save operating costs, improve the purchasing chain collective advantage, lower same-store inventory pressure, have set up distribution center and logistics warehouse. Distribution center of most of the adopted heavy beam type shelf, what is a heavy beam shelves? With card board and the tray for handling carrier, is mainly used in logistics, pharmaceutical, distribution center warehouse project, the most outstanding characteristics for the goods first in first out, hundred desirable. Product phase, as a supermarket commodity item quantity is big, the consumption of each constructions, every moment in the sales, inventory in decline, need timely replenishment, I will make the goods in a timely manner to the supermarket shelves, so as not to because fewer goods, less category and resulting in the loss of customers, sales have been falling. Main operating mode and characteristics of heavy shelves is simple to use, easy to operate, access freely, using a wide range, most of the factories and enterprises is preferred to use one of the shelves storage. Especially suitable for industry logistics and distribution center, why always stressed? Because it can be clear at a glance, want to take that take that plate products and goods, truly hundred desirable, there is no obstacle.
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