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Cheap gondola shelving MLS50 for convenience store in Malaysia

Cheap gondola shelving MLS50 for convenience store in Malaysia


In March 2020, Hshelf presents two new design gondola shelf with simple design and cheap price. Cheap gondola shelving DO NOT means cheap quality, the cheap comes from the simple design & proper material it used (avoid exaggerated material waste).


The two cheap design gondola was designed for a Supermarket Chains Giant in Malaysia, for their 200 stores in Malasia. The business owner like Hshelf products very much.


cheap gondola shelf with cross bar

cheap gondola shelving with wire mesh panel

It used the classical 50mm pitch upright, economical version knocked -down base foot.  The backing can be wire mesh back panel or even cross bar, to make it a cheap design but high quality shelvings. It is compatible with SuMetall EuroStar shelving system and Tegometall compatible shelvings. It’s a best design for those convenience store or supermarket for light weight commodities.


Width: 600mm, 900mm

Depth: 300mm, 400mm

Height: H1500 – 1800mm

Back:  Wire mesh panel or Cross bar.

Size can be customized


Hshelf is a skilled gondola shelving manufacturer in China. Please feel free to contact me to get the price list or more information  ( sales@Hshelf.com ), If you like the cheap design gondola shelves.

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