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Children's clothing shelves need to pay attention to what aspects

by:Hshelf     2020-06-13
Proportion of children's clothing in the modern society more and more big, a lot of parents for their children are very precious, to the number of children to buy clothes sometimes more than give oneself buy clothes, so, a lot of people look for business opportunities, to open a children's clothing store, so in children's clothing store opening, there is one thing than cannot little, it is children's clothing shelves. Children's clothing is used to put children clothing shelves, store business put clothes on hangers, but let the customer better choice like clothing, shelves design it has a lot of cultured, vendor is comparison need to pay attention to in the process of production. In the first place in the production of children's clothing shelves materials need to be more environmentally friendly, in the processing of all kinds of details need to get into the comparison of round, because in children's clothing store, there will be more children, along comes easily to children, if shelf more trenchant edges and corners, so is on the shelves of the detail processing needs more effort. Children's clothes rack color also need to be more bright, children are interested in the color is more bright things more, so for the first time the attract the eyes of the parents of children also need to design shelves of colors brighter, general with red, green, yellow, blue, etc. The bright color more. About the height of the shelf is a more exquisite, generally the child's height is not high, and there is a gap between parents and so on the shelves of the design height, should choose a parent and child can see contact with clothing's point of view, this requires the manufacturer of this, on the one hand, do some research to make according to selling clothes of different age groups, the height of the shelf there are differences.
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