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Common problems and solutions when spraying convenience store shelves

by:Hshelf     2021-03-16
After the convenience store shelf is formed, the most important job is the surface treatment. How to make a beautiful and beautiful product? For the spraying staff, it is time to test the technology. The following two are often encountered during the spraying process. Several problems and corresponding solutions. Common problems and solutions for spraying operations: 1. Phenomenon: Causes of granulation: dirty work site, dust mixed into the paint; after the paint is mixed for too long, the paint and curing agent have produced copolymerized particles; the oil output of the spray gun is too small, If the air pressure is too high, the paint will be poorly atomized or the spray gun will be too close to the surface of the object. Solution: Clean the spray booth and cover the paint bucket; if the paint is mixed, it should not be left for too long; adjust the spray gun to make it in the best working condition. The distance between the muzzle and the object surface is 20-50cm. 2. Phenomenon: Causes of sag: excessive thinner makes the paint too low viscosity and loses its viscosity; too much oil output, too close to the object surface or too slow spraying; each spraying volume is too thick or heavy spray interval The time is too short; the surface is uneven, especially the shape of the streamlined body is easy to sag. Solution: proportion according to requirements; control the oil output, ensure that the spray paint is separated and increase the running speed of the spray gun; each injection should not be too thick, it is best to divide twice Master the interval spraying time; control the oil output to reduce the thickness of the paint film; proportion according to the instructions
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