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Common stationery store shelves which several types are there? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-21
Stationery shop good shelf display can effectively enhance the overall image of the stationery shop, thus can better attract consumers to come to visit. Not only that, but now new design and has a quality assurance stationery store shelves can maximize capacity can improve the utilization of the store area of all kinds of stationery. Here is guangzhou Hshelf manufacturers to introduce you to the stationery store shelves of the common style. 1, the design of single type ( Stationery shop single shelf design) Single type of stationery store shelves are generally used to and display against the wall, although the shelves available area is small, but for use against the wall so I can effectively improve the stationery store space utilization rate, neatly used to display some of the small size and scattered high sex small stationery is very appropriate. The design of 2, double-sided type ( Stationery shops double shelf design) Double style of stationery store shelves are usually used to shop in the middle of the area. This shelf because both sides can display the stationery, so high space utilization and the required covers an area of less, but also can carry on the hanging on display on the shelf, so is a kind of style, stationery store commonly used at the same time, if the store area is larger, can also use multiple shelves are combined can be island shelves, so as to better highlight its display advantages. Above is the more common types of shelves, they all become common in the stationery store shelves basic categories, in common, practical features to attract the shelves. Relevant article recommended stationery store shelves should pay attention to? Stationery store shelf attract customers attention how clever use
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