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Community convenience store shelf displays four skills

by:Hshelf     2020-05-28
Community convenience store shelf life how to plan, how to put the layout? On integral layout must first have a overall planning. A: on the top of a convenience store shelves of big-ticket items, easy to attract customers attention, and the bottom is usually relatively small goods, customers generally do not intuitive to notice. Point to the convenience store profits biggest priority should be put. 2: the same kind of goods should be put centrally, convenience of our customers can choose directly. In promotional activities, to participate in activities of product by consumers because it is easy to see the upper shelves, to achieve the effect of priorities. Three: convenience store shelves put the top of the appropriate objects lighter, smaller volume of goods, the lower shelf is suitable for put a heavy, bulky goods. In this way can make convenience store shelves balance won't tilt, flopping wait for a phenomenon. 2 will also conform to the visual habit and aesthetic standards. Before four, arrange goods to the whole appearance of the space, size, product categories such as: commodity, food, cooked food, fruits, ShuCai District, beverage area such as a whole partition.
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