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Convenience store business is bad in winter? The six ways to make you to have a good business _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
One winter, the convenience store business seems to have entered the off-season, is this why? 1. The cold weather, people go out opportunities to reduce, will often go to large supermarkets for centralized purchasing goods; As you buy, with the phenomenon will be reduced; 2. Winter day short night long, on activity of time shortened, the chance of consumption reduced; 3. The higher-margin goods demand to reduce water and drink. So how do you do to reverse the situation of business is bad? Convenience store winter operating six small coup 01 adjusting commodity structure increasing hot water bag, gloves, cotton slippers and so on heat preservation commodity display; Selling the warm drinks, cooked food, Such as the kanto, sausage, boiled corn) , breakfast, Such as bread, vegetables, bread, and rice cakes) And so on. 02 adjusting the operating time is convenience traffic conditions, shorten the operating time appropriately, it can greatly save utilities, labor costs and other expenses. 03 additional services to the winter, the convenience stores boxes of milk tea and instant noodle sales usually will increase, the store should be ready to hot water, and convenience of our customers bubble instant heating. Because of the cold weather, many people don't want to go out, if the condition allows, convenience stores, can cooperate with third-party distribution platform, to provide door-to-door delivery services. 04 increase liquor product in winter, hot pot dinner and other activities are more frequent, there will be more people drink white wine warm, convenience stores can be appropriately increase liquor types. 05 goods shelves adjustment summer shop put most of the water and drinks, but in winter, these places should put more goods, such as gloves, warm baby can rise to remind customers winter has come, the action of increasing customers' memory. 06 cooperation with surrounding shops if convenience store next to have a mahjong, chess and card room, nail salons and other stores, you can talk with these merchants to reach the cooperation, such as others recommend customers to you, you must have the free snacks and so on. Convenience store business is not easy, it takes a lot of heart. If your convenience store is in the business of the off-season, it can try these six small coup oh ~
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