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Convenience store cashier size and material _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Convenience store cashier and convenience store shelves, as are necessary device in the convenience store. Development as time progress, both in terms of convenience store business model or the choice of display devices, has changed dramatically. Believe everyone at ordinary times also has the experience of the past convenience store, a little look at the now is not hard to find a convenience store in the register are combined, but do you know why? Let guangzhou Hshelf rack manufacturer to tell you something about: 1, the convenience store cashier why now are combined? Convenience store before use the register is a one-piece, basic is not very convenient in transportation, and once done in size, there is no way to modify, very inconvenient. And then there is the combination of the register, by a group of ark of the Lord and pay counter unit into several groups, can also according to the demand for matching ark of corner, dimension change is more flexible, transportation is also easy to install. 2, what material is the modular convenience store checkout? Combined the register is usually steel, more strong and durable, long service life. Such as the convenience store cashier Hshelf shelf production is to use the high quality cold rolled steel, mesa is fire prevention board, beautiful fashion, practicality is very strong. 3, what's the size of the combined convenience store? The ark of the ark of the Lord, and the counter to pay of the sectional specification, will be a single set of size are L600 * * H810mm, the choose and buy when the cashier need only based on the size of the want to configure a group of ark of ark of the Lord and a corresponding number of pay, such as a 2. 4 meters of the register, you only need to configure a set of ark of the Lord and three groups of ark of pay, also can according to demand configuration a set of ark of the Lord, two groups of pay and a corner. Late checkout area changes can also be appropriate to increase the number of pay ark, flexible changed very much. Convenience store cashier can choose well to a large extent, affect the display effect of convenience store cashier area, even from a certain extent, affect the convenience store sales. And choose convenience store shelves, so choose the cashier to spend bit of idea, don't just think that the pursuit of low prices. Above is guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers to introduce the combined the relevant knowledge of the counter, if you still want to know more about convenience store shelves or convenience store business, welcome to consult customer service.
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