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Convenience store how to decorate a design will be more attractive to customers? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Many thought customers shopping convenience store operators see the only commodity prices, actually otherwise. In addition to the prices of the goods, convenience store layout design is also the key factor for customers willing to in store shopping. Then what convenience store how to decorate a design will be more attractive to customers? Hshelf shelves to finish this at 3 o 'clock, let's see: 1, pay attention to the environment clean and bright customers to have a good shopping environment is more interested in convenience stores, are more willing to in a clean, bright shopping convenience stores. Because of the convenience store is designed to let customers and internal quality goods and service together, enhance interest in shopping. Bright and clean health includes not only the convenience store environment, also cannot ignore lighting design, the convenience store shelves of tidy, commodity display, etc. , only do these details, to make the customer satisfied, so as to have the opportunity to sell. 2, pay attention to the size of the door, the size of the door design often overlooked, but the size of the door, to determine whether the customer is willing to directly into the shop. If the door is too small, the customers feel very crowded, nature is not willing to step. Some shop door was not originally, also love in some store pile of pile head, in and out of inconvenience to the customer, make customer not too willing to stay. So when designing the size of the door, must consider whether the customer is convenient. 3, pay attention to the commodity convenience store goods variety and the whole structure design, look can let customers more satisfied, but when designing the structure of the goods, also want to consider the actual situation of convenience stores, not all freight cargo convenience stores can be as much as possible. If the store is not big, but a lot of items, sometimes it will have the effect of the wasted effort, make the customer feel you store things too miscellaneous, not professional, shopping enthusiasm nature will also be reassured.
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