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Convenience store shelf displays commonly used three kinds of layout _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
Supermarket stores usually assumes the grid, the layout grid layout is convenience stores commodities on display shelves and customers grow square shape section arrangement in channel, and each is consistent with vice channel width in the main, all convenience store shelves are arranged in parallel or orthogonal to each other. The advantage of convenience store shelf type grid layout is: 1. Create a serious and efficient atmosphere; 2. Footpath according to traffic needs and design, can make full use of the space; 3. Due to the standardization of the goods shelves and resettlement, customers can easily tell if a product category and distribution characteristics of easy to choose; 4. Easy to adopt standardized shelves, can save the cost; 5. Is advantageous to the shop assistant and customer cooperation, simplifying commodity management and security work. Convenience store shelves island put convenience store shelves island type layout put the layout is in the middle of the business premises islands form, decorate each does not set in the middle of the island shelf convenience store displays. This form is commonly used in department stores or store, the main display small commodity, sometimes as a supplement of the layout grid. The advantages of convenience store shelves island-style put: 1. Can make full use of the business area, in the case of consumers open, use of building characteristic layout more goods shelves; 2. Take different islands in the shape of design, can decorate and beautify the place of business; 3. Environmental abound change, increase consumer shopping interest; 4. Meet the full range of consumers for a brand goods demand, has strong attraction to the brand suppliers. Convenience store shelves put convenience store shelves free flow type put free flow type is the convenience of our customers as a starting point, it tried to maximize the goods show in front of the customer. Convenience store shelves of the advantage of the free flow of: 1. Convenience store layout would be flexible, the customer can freely through every convenience store shelves or displays; 2. Sell more atmosphere, can make customer's impulsive purchase; 3. To facilitate customers free browsing, won't produce urgency.
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