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Convenience store shelves derusting factory shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-06
Abstract: the design of the supermarket shelves should guarantee the goods display shelves have the appropriate size and space, make the goods can effectively demonstrate its decorate level to arrange the different varieties, vertically to show the same varieties of different specifications and grades. Proper space for the goods not only vertically, and provide convenience for salesman shelves, loaning, clean.

we often see in the large supermarket and shopping plaza shelf products, but also in the application of this product is called the drugstore shelves, shelves, snacks and so on, mother and baby were widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores in the display of various kinds of goods. Is a collection of products show, goods display, sale of goods, goods storage, and many other functions as one of the commercial facilities.

how supermarket shelves factory shelves derusting

supermarket shelves factory shelves cleaning method, high pressure water abrasive cleaning solution: mainly use high pressure water jet impact to damage the corrosion and coating of the shelf, and then reach the useful derusting. In the process of rust removal, of course, not for shelf plates have any losses. Blasting derusting solution: mainly using high-speed rotating impeller will abrasive thrown shelf steel appearance to the cleaning purpose. Chemical cleaning solution: mainly is the use of acid and metal oxide chemical reaction, and then remove the shelves on the surface of the metal surface corrosion of a cleaning method, namely generally called pickling, operating only in the workshop. Burnish disposal method: using grinding machine, the shelf looks like polished everywhere; Use sand paper burnish, the location of the corrosion appearance is not very serious use sand paper to grind, spray paint, after polishing can be useful to protect the shelf surface no longer subject to corrosion.

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