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Convenience store shelves of goods on display principle _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
Convenience store shelves of goods put the watch is black and white, but the reality is profound knowledge. The discretion of the goods on the shelves to put alone there is a big difference. Up and down the line of sight of customers scan Angle is generally for 25 °, when customers shelves 30 ~ 50 cm distance, you can clearly see that 1 ~ 5 layers off store shelves; And the line of sight of people at the lateral movement of 50 ° Angle, from the shelves 30 - customers 50 cm distance when choosing goods, see only the horizontal display of commodities in the 1 m distance. On this basis, the longitudinal display can make the customer be clear at a glance. Convenience stores, the shelves of goods put is usually divided into segments, the golden section, the middle and lower section of the big four grade management. Most can attract customers consumer gold period and the middle, is the most promising position, generally the profits the larger commodities, own brand, the sole agent and consumers buy more goods in gold and in the middle; And the price is relatively cheap, or into the recession of the goods, are on the shelf at the bottom, Promotional items and new products more focused on the promotion of position, and will be accompanied by some red or blue card tips, while enhances consumer attention, are more likely to create a good sales performance. Convenience store shelves display must have the premise of the appearance and quality of the shelves, high-quality shelves there buy? Of course have preferred more than 10 years of production and sales experience of guangzhou Hshelf shelf company relevant article recommended when buying convenience store shelves, what are the skills? Put a convenience store shelves? Convenience store shelf layout, store shelves put principle
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