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Convenience store shelves of smoke stand put rules _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
In the convenience store checkout, there is a row back ark on alcohol and tobacco. Tobacco is a convenience store important profit source of profits, although the gross profit margin is not high, but profit stability, pointed, the target customer good cigarette display, can attract the attention of consumers and preferences, improve buying opportunities. So how to do the display of cigarettes? What are the problems need to be aware of? First of all, the choose and buy cigarettes, should choose to normal supply channels, ensure the quality of cigarettes. Because to do business the most prestige are two words, selling cigarettes to open a convenience store, must pay attention to the development of their own stores reputation, accumulate some fixed customers. Prepare for cigarette display, we can use some shelves display tools, such as Hshelf shelf production of alcohol and tobacco. Hshelf shelves of alcohol, tobacco, frame materials are mainly wood and steel shelves, steel smoke wine accessories collocation is more flexible, practical performance is stronger; Wooden shelf look more high-grade, suitable for relatively high-end stores. Good smoke ark shelves, the choose and buy must pay attention to the classification of orderly displaying cigarettes for display cigarettes, eye-catching sight attracting customers. The display of cigarettes to cigarette in the same brand of different specifications, packing, price classification put, convenience of our customers choose when buying. Alcohol and tobacco are placed inside the convenience store is now behind the counter, so attention should be paid to the counter with alcohol, tobacco, the distance between the back frame, to have enough spacing, yes smoke ark can fully display in front of the eyes of customers. Cigarettes can match the display of the best on some of the propaganda, colorful ads, such as can attract customers. Relevant article recommended convenience store shelf displays the merchandising skills convenience store shelves principle of rational distribution of convenience store shelves
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