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Convenience store shelves put can attract customers

by:Hshelf     2020-06-06
With the rich products, promotional methods is also more diversified, the concept of commodity exhibition will become more and more brought to the attention of the merchants. Convenience store shelves also is particularly important at this moment, because of the convenience store to reflect the characteristics of its positioning and basic style, on the other hand to cater to the trend of The Times. If shops nearby organs, units is more, consumption level is high, can choose elegant tone, the goods are sold to the pursuit of noble temperament and commerce, store display will highlight the differences of high-grade goods and general goods. How to make their goods more attractive, with convenience store shelves, attracting customers to retain their footsteps. To put in conspicuous position, alcohol, tobacco, counter counter frequently wash, and retail stores in the retail terminal, can work in daily operation are waiting for the customer. So we need to make their stores more teach customers find everything new and fresh look, the theme of the convenience store display different, can make the store business wins in the competition. Display case show sample, regardless of the high-grade wine or medium wine, pay attention to the brand series, points the zone focusing on as much as possible. Put the whole cigarette smoke wine rack, don't put three separate two. Request the same varieties of the same series are put together, put the same breed as much as possible, this whole form the visual impact for the customer. Put the V, font, font back. High-grade cigarette smoke ark is put the most conspicuous place, cigarette between space as far as possible. When making frames partition, pay attention to the gift box of the specifications, set aside a percentage of the large size interlayer, convenient to put a few extraordinary size box. Beside each cigarette article put price tag color, write down the price of origin, tar content and so on. To give customers a glance, curiosity, stimulate their purchasing desire.
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