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Convenience store shelves put skills _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Want to sell their products, and goods actually put has a lot to do, so want to commodity sells good, shelf displays has great skill in 1. In order to promote the sale of unsalable products, can be placed some unsalable products in promotion, or a small exhibition stand above at the checkout counter. 2. General shelf in the middle of the layers is shelf location of gold, are generally used to put to store products in the high profit, to promote sales of 3. Similar products put centrally, compare and select 4 convenience of our customers. Reasonable layout of the space, according to the size of goods, the light of the specific conditions of the stores, five unified layout. Customers shopping safety, fire safety, easy to react chemicals to put respectively, and ensure a safe distance. 6. Consider the problem of handling of goods shelves, heavy things don't want to put two layers of shelves, so bad for replenishment and took 7. Feature zoning, in order to improve the competitiveness and features of our products alone into area, easy to count. Relevant article recommended convenience store shelf size and putting skills convenience store shelves | | supermarket convenience store shelves manufacturer imports grocery shelves how to choose?
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