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Convenience store shelves ready goods display, the equivalent of more than 10 promoters

by:Hshelf     2020-06-06

the importance of convenience store shelves display already don't need too much to tell, if put it as the art of convenience store too much, also some people described it as a silent salesman, is how to make use of limited space to create the maximum profit, is a science.

this paper displays some of the basic knowledge and a subsequent article will conduct detailed explanation, but the more fundamental things, the more valuable. The focus from the convenience store shelves commodity display, convenience store shelves display main point, the main factors three aspects to explain the normalizing of a convenience store shelves of goods on display, for your reference:

the main factors of a showcase, convenience store shelves

( A) Brightness: store the basic lighting must maintain bright degree, make the customers to visit the choose and buy when can see clear, and the commodity itself can also be used to highlight its uniqueness. ( 2) Display height: the height of the convenience store shelves goods shelves in 90 to 180 centimeters in the most common, and chest to the height of the eyes of customers is the best display, some say this is & quot; Gold space & quot; 。 ( 3) The concept of commodity categories: according to the shape, color and price of goods itself, suitable for consumers and have different way to display the choose and buy. In general, can be divided into: 1. Small person in the first volume, large volume in the back. 2. In the former price cheap, expensive in the back. 3. Color is darker in the former, in bright colors. 4. Goods, popular product in the first season, general merchandise in the back.

2, convenience store shelves display point

( A) Effective use across the board, to the position of the fixed commodity, preventing goods out of stock and not, maintain the uniformity of the shelves. ( 2) Facing out three-dimensional display, can make the customer easy to see the goods. ( 3) Tags posted position should be consistent and to prevent its loss. If you have special offers and to POP or special tags. ( 4) The convenience store shelves display: from small to large, from left to right, from the shallow and deep, top-down. ( 5) Segmentation: shelf can be divided into the upper, the gold layer, middle, and lower level 4 level ( To ensure that the goods on display in the gold layer is high profits high rotary) 。 In addition, the use of lighting, colour and decoration to create atmosphere, to the customer's attention to focus on the goods; Seasonal goods can be put in shelves on the gold layer, can also be displayed separately. Three,

the normalizing of a convenience store shelves display ( A) Labels to the positive, can make the customer be clear at a glance, convenient to take, also is one of the most basic way of display. ( 2) Safety and stability of the display, can make the open-shelf stores without automatically avalanche danger goods, especially the top products. ( 3) The top of the display height must be unified. ( 4) Goods display: longitudinal vertical display, the so-called eyes moved up and down or so mobile more comfortable and convenient, also can avoid customer overlooked, display of goods. ( 5) The use of diaphragm, can make the goods easy to arrange, and facilitate the customer to choose. Especially the dot, more application partition to display. ( 6) According to the height of the commodity, the flexibility to adjust the shelf, can make the display more rich change, and have a sense of balance. ( 7) Keep the store clean and pay attention to health, especially food, more attention should be paid to it. ( Eight) Cutting box displays the point: do not have a case of incision not level, otherwise it will give bad impression.

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