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Convenience store should be how to put the supermarket shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-06
Convenience store supermarket shelves on the need to be determined according to the size, convenience store shelves are commonly use convenience store shelves and the counter straight vertical column type layout, such as convenience store shelves put way can make full use of space, do reasonable distance is put shelves, clean, convenient customer take. Shop mainly focus on the customer's action, however, provide services and adjust in time. Convenience store shelf displays are divided into two kinds, and relies on a wall shelf arrangement among them, a little higher shelf against the wall. And the height of the middle shelves in 1. 35 meters or so, can let customers through fast, the fastest speed to find needed goods. Inline arrangement has to customers with crowded feeling, will drive the consumption atmosphere. 1, the convenience store to facilitate the fixed customer shopping convenience, we should guarantee the commodity categories in the convenience store shelves position unchanged as far as possible. 2 display should be marked, store specials pile head, pile head shoulds not be too much, too miscellaneous, so as not to affect the effect of pile head, reduce unit sales of the store. 3, convenience store shelves aisle set in 80 ~ 90 centimeters, is different from the design of the supermarket. According to the height of the reasonable arrangement of the layout of the convenience store shelves of goods, will be difficult to choose goods and convenience store shelves best-selling goods separately, in order to avoid the peak shoppers with aisle, shopping is not convenient to other customers. 4, the height of the convenience store shelves should be take care of the needs of the numerous housewives, center shelf should not be above 165 cm, had better not more than 6 layer. At the same time pay attention to the use of end shelves, because this is the gold store, customers in these places in the longest time, shall furnish some high gross margin of the best-selling goods. In short, put convenience stores in the supermarket shelves should consider the above content, so as to achieve convenience to consumers.
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