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Convenience store space layout of the small coup _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
U around the convenience store space limitations in a certain area, the U type layout as the main body of the store display pattern. Shelves around the middle of the main road to put around, U in the middle of the blank form a main road, the overall layout won't appear too crowded, customers in selecting products can also be very fast and convenient. In limited space with shelves of goods in customers' eyes to the greatest extent. Scattered display shelves into squares, can use decorate construction characteristics more goods shelves, in turn, decoration and beautification of the business premises, beautiful and practical. Block distribution, the standard interval become one channel, strewn at random have send, uniform. Free area and the fixed plate as one of the convenience store , flexible and fixed. For fixed necessary goods shelves can put on the wall, and the freezer embedded inside the walls, given a fixed, maximize space utilization. Major visual area, the central regions of the stores, put free mobile shelves, convenience of our customers can through the various convenience store shelves and display units, also can not change regularly display mode, keep fresh, can make customer's impulsive purchase, certain spacing, facilitate customer free to browse, won't let customers have oppressive feeling.
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