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End of the end is the supermarket shelves and display?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-07
Supermarket end refers to the supermarket to do end display shelves, usually using 680 mm wide specifications of the single supermarket shelves as end shelves. End refers to the goods on shelves are exhibited at both ends of the passage of goods on display. End display of goods can be a single variety of goods, also can be a combination of goods, the latter effect is better. A survey was conducted in the United States, the survey data shows that: the single commodity display to the combination of goods on display, sales will greatly improve. End to display a combination of goods than single items can achieve more benefits, so end display should give priority to with close correlation between combined goods. The current domestic many stores use the central display stand has many is hemicycle end, it is a waste of the gold display space. Giving full play to the advantages of end of goods on display, can be the end of the semi-circular take out, put a single shelf, the end can be carried out on display. End refers to the two ends of the display stand in the middle of the double, is the customer through the maximum flow, from the highest frequency. End are commonly used to display to recommend to the customer's new product, and high profits.
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