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by:Hshelf     2020-06-21
Some convenience stores quantity and shelf space utilization phenomenon of serious deficiencies, sales of their products has a very negative influence. Convenience stores are generally in the downtown area of the city, the area is usually within the 100 - square - meter, so can't afford to waste the display space of the store. In terms of goods on display, some convenience stores have certain goods display area is too large, there are many goods in the three row of above, such varieties drab created an excuse for store displays, thus, originally should have about 1200 products stores, only more than 500 kinds of commodities, the result is obviously not enough to meet the basic needs of customers. Hshelf think the ideal commercial retail stores is effective, and can be quickly large-scale low-cost copying, achieve sales growth of stores. Under the guidance of this thinking, LePin launched 'stores across the country, thousand shop side', providing brand shop space planning, surveying and mapping, design, manufacture, distribution, installation, repair and maintenance omni-directional service shop. 360 - degree brand shop service, excellent cost-effective integrated brand tension, stores, shop, shop sales force and executive force of market consumer demand precise locking degrees, from design to implementation, to the national promotion, achieve better, faster, larger, lower cost! We pay attention to detail, detail decides the quality, we are doing now is what you want in the future, all because of professional. Choose LePin shelves, choosing a major, believe that we do better. Relevant article recommended the merchandising convenience store shelves principle with this a few action, I done dozens of business super display problem! What are the store display way?
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