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Gas station convenience store, you are my energy supplies to _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Who arrived at the place, all belong to yesterday. Even if the mountains green again, the water to show, the wind again gentleness. Too deep linger became a fetters, trip over not only have two feet, and in the future. Poet Wang Guozhen has stressed the meaning of 'set', starting from now, from the start. With the attitude of the active 'start' to see the wider world, even know 'dashan is rocky, the sea waves, the desert sand, forest has a beast', also still bold travel, explore the unknown. But in real life, many more people are passive helpless, or far away on a business trip, or long home, life of acid hard subduction in again and again 'started' or 'stay'. To set out on the way or via land, energy supply of gas station convenience store is many journey, it can make people stop once in a while, to taste the delicious food in a busy road, to feel the sweet of life. Based on this, Hshelf design team for convenience store China petrochemical produce waukesha full the whole design scheme of image. 1 warm color, bright and warm on the yellow label echo store yellow background, whole is given priority to with warm color attune, yellow symbol of light and energy gives a person with warm and quiet. 2 layout is compact, rich level space layout is compact but not crowded, Triassic promotion counter, cashier, double column shelves, single island cabinets, high and low range, rich administrative levels feels. 3 harmony, light luxury texture shelf colour collocation harmony, all choose oak color plate with sand grain black metal combination form. Instant light much texture, into the shop. Hshelf professional whole store image design for gas station convenience store inject more warm strength, hope this energy supply can comfort more traveller, for more 'started' or 'start' to find the meaning of life.
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