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Guangzhou supermarket shelves lattice type layout characteristics _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
Supermarket shelves plays a large role in the supermarket, supermarket shelves can get more to help the supermarket consumption amount and attention, then have to say to the layout of the supermarket shelves in supermarkets put, the layout of the supermarket shelves for supermarket and get twice the result with half the effort, guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers today is to talk about the layout of the grid type advantages! Supermarket shelves of the layout of the grid pattern is a more traditional way, in the large supermarket is relatively common, grid layout is commodities on display shelves and customer channel growth shape block arrangement, the main and vice channel width is consistent, all convenience store shelves are arranged in parallel or orthogonal to each other. This layout has the following advantages: 1) 。 Create a serious and efficient atmosphere; 2) 。 Footpath according to traffic needs and design, can make full use of the space; 3) 。 Placed the goods shelves are all codes, to facilitate customers to choose; 4) 。 Easy to adopt standardized shelves, can save the cost; 5) 。 Help customers happy shopping, simplifying commodity management and security work. Above is the advantages of the grid type layout on supermarket shelves, if there is a need to know the shelves, welcome consulting guangzhou Hshelf shelf factory! Supermarket shelves relevant article recommended only 3 for supermarket shelves selection shelf manufacturer to tell you: supermarket shelves and how much will it cost? The supermarket overall custom guangzhou supermarket shelves
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