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Guangzhou _ 【 supermarket shelves manufacturers wholesale price Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
Product description: guangzhou Hshelf supermarket shelves design sales, factory specializing in the production of supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves end side of the rack, the convenience store shelves, supermarket shelves, wholesale, in all, sincere in heart, for your design, customized to meet customer demand, guarantee the high quality service, welcome to inquire, or to visit the factory. 【 Description 】 Supermarket shelves supermarket shelves design customized supermarket shelves manufacturers wholesale price 【 Specification 】 Regular size ( Unit: mm) , can be customized special 【 Color] White, gray, color can be customized Material 】 High quality cold rolled steel, steel steel structure Collocation 】 Square/plane/surface light boxes, advertising board, price ticket' Vendor 】 Guangzhou Hshelf shelf factory' Scope of application. Life supermarket stores, neighborhood supermarket, imported food shops, convenience store chain, leisure snacks such as 【 Price 】 Our city shelves manufacturers selling, no middlemen, so the price is preferential many 【 Design 】 We have a professional design team, 24 hours free lift 24 hours free provide graphic design solution' Make to order) Within 7 days of complete production supply service, the arrival of the goods within 24 hours door to door installation
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