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How to clean Fruit and vegetable racks

How to clean Fruit and vegetable racks


Usually when we go to the supermarket, we can see that there are many rows of vegetable and fruit shelves in the supermarket. Supermarkets put vegetables or fruits on the shelves for users to choose from, greatly improving the purchase experience. In the previous article, we have introduced the fruit vegetable shelves. However, due to the characteristics of vegetables and fruits, which are easy to rot and not easy to store, it is difficult to clean the shelves of vegetables and fruits. How to put them in order to store and clean them easily? The following tips will help you.

Storage principles of vegetables and fruits in supermarkets

1. Pay attention to the rated layer load of the shelf. When placing the goods, try to average the goods. Don't stack too heavy goods. This can completely prevent the deformation of the layers and affect the service life.
2.Take good care of the goods. When you place goods, you have to be careful. One is to ensure the stability and safety of the shelf; the second is to ensure that the goods are not damaged.

fruit vegetable rack

Principles for placing vegetables and fruits in supermarkets

1. Vegetables and fruits must be kept clean and hygienic, and be displayed in different areas according to the types of vegetables and fruits to improve the user experience, so as to attract the attention of users, which can greatly promote sales and promote supermarket sales.
2. The quality of the goods must be guaranteed. If some goods exceed the shelf life, they can not be placed on the shelf. In addition, the goods should also present a certain aesthetic feeling when displaying, so as to create a lively and vivid atmosphere, so as to improve the attention of customers and enhance their purchase desire.
However, sometimes the vegetable and fruit shelves in supermarket are not even cleaned, resulting in dirty shelves, such as rotten fruit, rotten vegetable leaves, vegetable juice, etc. To a large extent, it will affect customers' perception, so that customers will not have the desire to buy. Especially now that summer is coming, the dirty environment is easy to breed bacteria. So how can we keep the shelves clean?

fruit vegetable rack

How to keep fruits and vegetables clean and hygienic

1. Dip a soft cloth in water or dishwashing detergent, gently scrub the fruit and vegetable rack, and then dip the detergent with water.
2. In the cold storage area, before cleaning the tank, be sure to cut off the power supply, and then take out the food in the refrigerator.
3. It is better to clean the shell of the refrigerator every day and wipe the shell and handle of the refrigerator in the fresh fruit area with a slightly wet soft cloth every day
4. Remove the accessories in the box, clean them with clean water or detergent, and install them after the water is dry

5. When cleaning the "switch", "lighting" and "thermostat" facilities of the refrigerator, be sure to wring out the rag or sponge.

fruit vegetable rack

Therefore, if the supermarket wants to sell well, it must pay attention to the hygiene of the fruit and vegetable rack, and ensure the cleanness and tidiness of the fruit and vegetable rack. This can not only increase the turnover, but also be conducive to the health of customers. It can also enhance the recognition of the surrounding customers, and then attract repeated purchases. Therefore, we must pay attention to the purchase and cleaning of the fruit and vegetable racks.

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