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How to maintain the display stand

How to maintain the display stand


According to the characteristics of the display stand, the design of matching product promotion boutique display stand, coupled with creative LOGO signs, make the product stand out in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of product promotion and advertising. The boutique display rack can display the characteristics of the product in an all-round way; rich accessories, and each component can be recorded and installed, a variety of colors, professional designers exquisite design. Boutique display racks overshadow traditional facilities.

Everyone knows that everything needs maintenance, and the display rack is no exception. We often clean and maintain the display racks to keep them shiny. However, you may not know that some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods can temporarily make the display stand clean, but in fact it has caused potential damage to the display stand, and your display stand will have irreparable problems, but it is counterproductive. . Let me tell you a few problems that can easily occur in the maintenance of display racks and how to avoid them. I hope to help consumers.

The rag must be clean

When cleaning and maintaining the display stand, you must first determine whether the rags used are clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, be sure to turn it over or use a clean cloth. Don’t be lazy and reuse the dirty side again and again. This will only cause the dirt to rub repeatedly on the surface of the commercial furniture, but will damage the shiny surface of the display rack.

Care agent selection

To maintain the original brightness of the display stand, there are currently two display stand care products, wax spray care and cleaning and maintenance agents. The former is mainly aimed at a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire retardant rubber and other material display racks, and has two different fresh fragrances of jasmine and lemon. The latter is suitable for all kinds of wood, glass, synthetic wood or Mineboard and other solid wood display racks, especially for mixed material display racks. Therefore, if you can use maintenance products that have both cleaning and care effects, you can save a lot of precious time.

Before using the wax spray and cleaning agent, it is best to shake it up, and then hold the spray can directly at a 45-degree angle, so that the liquid components in the can can be completely released without losing pressure. Afterwards, lightly spray the dry rag at a distance of about 15 cm, and then wipe the commercial furniture again, it will have a good cleaning and maintenance effect. In addition, after using the rag, remember to wash and dry. As for display racks with fabric materials, such as fabric sofas and leisure cushions, you can use the cleaning and maintenance agent for cleaning carpets. When in use, first use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, then spray a small amount of carpet cleaner on a damp cloth and wipe it.

Paint watermark removal

An irritating watermark is often left on the lacquered table that has passed the wet teacup. How can I quickly remove them? You can lay a clean damp cloth on the watermark on the desktop, and then use an iron to iron it at a lower temperature. This will evaporate the moisture that has penetrated the paint film and make the watermark disappear. However, when using this method, the rag used should not be too thin, and the temperature of the iron cannot be adjusted too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop is gone, but the brand mark can no longer be removed.

Maintenance of iron display rack

The iron display rack has its durable and durable characteristics. In general, the daily wear and tear can make it more and more antique, but this does not mean that the iron display rack does not need maintenance. Due to the particularity of its materials and craftsmanship, the iron display rack determines that its maintenance and repair also have special places:

1. Outdoor iron display rack

The selection of materials for outdoor iron display racks is required to be anti-rust, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and anti-exposure. Generally speaking, during the production process, manufacturers have taken into account the characteristics of the outdoor environment, so users only need to identify well-known manufacturers when buying, do not want to cheaply buy some unqualified quality on the line. But the following points must be achieved:

a.Dust removal.

There is a lot of dust outdoors, and it will be a long time, there will be a layer of dust on the surface of the display rack. It will affect the effect of the display rack. Over time, it will cause damage to the protective film on the display rack. Therefore, outdoor iron display racks should be wiped regularly, usually with soft cotton fabrics.

b.Moisture proof

In the north, you can rest assured of the rust resistance of the iron display racks. In heavy fog, wipe off the water drops on the display rack with dry cotton cloth; on rainy days, you should just wipe the water drops in time after the rain stops. When choosing display racks in the south, we must pay attention to the steel model used.

2.Indoor iron display rack

a.Avoid bumping.

This is the first thing to notice after purchasing an iron display rack. The display rack should be handled with care during handling; the place where the display rack is placed should be a place where hard objects are not often encountered; once the place is selected, it should not be frequent Change; the ground on which the display rack is placed should also be kept flat, so that the four legs of the display rack are stable. If the shaking is unstable, the display rack will be slightly deformed over time, affecting the service life of the display rack.

b.Clean dust.

It is best to use pure cotton knitwear as a rag to wipe the surface of the display rack. Pay attention to the depressions on the display rack and the dust in the relief decoration.

c.Keep away from acid and alkali

Acids and alkalis that have a corrosive effect on iron are the "number one killer" of iron display racks. If an iron (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) or alkali (such as sodium hydroxide, soapy water, or soda water) is accidentally stained on the iron display rack, the stain should be washed away immediately with clean water, and then wiped dry with a dry cotton cloth.

d.Keep away from the sun

The location of the display racks is best to avoid direct sunlight outside the windows. The iron display rack will withstand the sun for a long time, which will change the color of the paint; the colored paint layer will dry and peel off, and the metal will oxidize and deteriorate. If you encounter strong sunlight and cannot move the shelf, use curtains or blinds to block it.

e.Isolate from moisture

The indoor humidity should be maintained within normal values. The display rack should be far away from the humidifier. Moisture will cause the metal to rust, and the chrome plating will cause the film to peel off. When cleaning the display rack, do not use water to clean the display rack. Wipe it with a damp cloth, but do not rinse it with running water.

f.Eliminate rust

If the display rack becomes rusty, do not claim to sand it with sandpaper. If the rust is small and shallow, it can be applied to the rust with cotton yarn dipped in machine oil. After a while, wipe it with a cloth to eliminate the rust. If the rust has expanded and become heavier, you should ask the relevant technician to repair it.

In short, as long as you master the common sense about maintenance, pay attention to protecting the iron display rack in daily life, you can extend its life, so that your carefully selected iron works will accompany you for a long time.

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