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by:Hshelf     2020-01-06

winter goes to spring, cold and summer change, and the changes of the four seasons of the year cycle. As the seasons change, the goods people eat and wear also change accordingly. When selling goods, shops should also adjust the display of goods at any time according to seasonal changes.

The display of seasonal goods should start before the season. Stores should understand the potential needs of customers and change the display of goods according to changes in the weather, otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to sell in a timely manner.

seasonal display of goods on Hshelf Shop Shelving

In the early spring season when spring is not yet warm and flowers are blooming, shops should go ahead of the seasonal change, timely put the goods suitable for spring sales, such as fashion, shoes and hats, on the counter early, and replace the winter goods. When the spring goods are displayed, the green color can be used as the main tone, revealing a spring atmosphere.

when the summer goods are old, the following matters should be paid attention to: generally in advance at 4-In May, summer goods will be put out; The summer climate is hot, and the background of the displayed goods can be blue, purple, white and other cold colors; Summer merchandise display should consider ventilation, it is best to hang up the goods; Summer is a high bee period for beverage consumption, and special attention should be paid to the display of cold drinks; The location of the summer merchandise can be developed outward, which is more suitable in the foyer or in front of the door.

seasonal display of goods on Hshelf Shop Shelving

autumn goods should be displayed in September, and summer fashion and summer cool goods should be in full swing, put on the goods suitable for autumn consumption. This is the display and sales location. It should be moved from outdoor to indoor. Autumn is the harvest season. The product should be based on the color and Scenery of autumn to set off the use of the product.

The weather is cold in winter. The store layout should make customers feel warm. The background should be mainly red, pink and yellow in warm colors, highlighting seasonal goods.

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