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by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
Store what drugstore shelves need to purchase? Pharmacy shelves is needed some every pharmacy, and if the pharmacy shelves display well can store traffic and sales. So how much do you know for pharmacy shelves? Do you know if need to purchase what drugstore drugstore shelves? The following' Hshelf shelf 】 To you in detail. Pharmacy shelves that is commonly used in the island including pharmacy shelves, single prescription medicine cabinet against the wall, before the light box ginseng antler medicine cabinet, bring a small frame of pharmacy checkout etc. Drugstore shelves can be roughly divided into six types, ginseng antler ark, the medicine cabinet, prescription ark, single shelves, the shelves of medical equipment, pharmacy checkout etc. To consider when choosing drugstore shelves to store the size, the types of drugs and store the overall decoration, the length of the pharmacy checkout also shoulds not be too long, the height should be about 810 mm, and advice on this at the checkout counter configuration before the small frame, here you can choose to display some low price, popular, cause customer easily impulse buying goods, can also display family commonly used drugs for the customer to choose, the repeated display can achieve the goal of promoting pin. For pharmacy shelves display medicines or health products, weight is not too heavy, so when choosing shelves can need not so high to the requirement of the thickness of the layer board, general pharmacy shelves layer board thickness are 0. About 4 mm. Island area over-the-counter medicines are usually placed in the drugstore shelves, can be carried out in accordance with the efficacy of disease as well as the price for display or horizontal display. Area of prescription drugs are need to be used with single prescription medicine cabinet against the wall, and the prescription of drugs required by the staff according to prescription medicine. So the prescription of drugs is given priority to with security, comprehensive, and pharmacies should as far as possible will be blocked the shelves of the region. Pharmacy shelves style variety, has the wood lagging shelves, steel lagging shelves, mesh back shelves, etc. , different shelves have different sales strategy and display effect, according to the actual situation to choose from.
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